Tim Hurley

Designer + Engineer

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About Me

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I'm a web engineer with an eye for detail, from Australia.
I design and build modern, fast and accessible web[sites+apps], with a focus on being user friendly and secure.




Some project work can't be listed here due to NDAs.


  • Beach
  • Cars
  • Family
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Career Timeline

  1. (Current)

    The Treasury

    WordPress Engineer

    Ad hoc, Remote Contractor

  2. (Current)

    Icon Agency

    Frontend Developer + A11y Consultant

    Ad hoc, Remote Contractor

  3. (Current)

    WOM Network

    Lead Technical Engineer

    Full-time, Remote

  4. Department of Finance

    Website Designer/Developer

    APS 6

  5. Department of Finance

    Drupal Developer (GovCMS)

    APS 6

  6. (Current)

    Ongoing Freelance Work

    Multiple Projects

    See portfolio ↑

  7. Department of Finance

    Govspace Lead Technical Engineer

    APS 5 + APS 6

  8. AGIMO

    Technical Engineer

    APS 5

  9. AGIMO

    Technical Officer

    APS 3

  10. AGIMO

    Technical Officer

    ICT Apprentice (APS 2 Equivalent)

  11. AGIMO

    Technical Officer

    ICT Apprentice (APS 1 Equivalent)

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