Lyne Gatty Real Estate

Branding Redesign + Website Redevelopment


To redevelop the existing website to improve usability and accessibility and make it compatible with a range of devices, while keeping within a modest budget. This was later expanded to include rebranding and redesign of all print and online media.

Print media designs



A new logo, incorporating symbols and colours from existing pallet but reenvisioned in a modern simplified design.

As an extension of the logo redesign all signage and stationary was recreated in a simpler, more elegant look.


After going through the requirements for the site, I set to work designing and researching leading real estate sites and put together a wireframe level design.

Once the key elements were confirmed and the visual styles agreed upon, I began to research premium themes to use as a base to ensure project costs remained low.


Although based off an existing theme (in order to meet budget requirements), there were a number of requirements that required custom coding from within a child theme.


Speed was a key area of improvement for this website. Using a number of server side improvements to generate pages significantly faster, layered with additional caching via a geographically dispersed CDN and DDoS protection to assist further in speed, security and uptime.

All up, this setup resulted in speeds of ~5 times faster than the previous website, and 3-5 times faster than their competitor's sites.

Final design

Lyne Gatty Real Estate homepage
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