Website Redesign + Development


A Drupal powered SaaS, PaaS and open source distro for government.

GovCMS website wireframe


To redevelop the existing website to be more visually appealing, improve usability and accessibility.
While also ensuring compatibility across a range of devices.



After going investigating the requirements for the site, I set to work designing researching and put together a wireframe level design. Once the key elements were confirmed and the visual styles I'd created were agreed upon, I began development.


The decision was made to develop a custom Drupal theme for this site. This theme had to be mobile friendly; meaning it had to be responsive, small page sizes, fast loading and support HiDPI(Retina) screens. This meant using vector based imagery and icons wherever possible.
Initially a static HTML version incorporating the different page types needed. Once this had been created and refined, it was then migrating into a Drupal theme to be run on the GovCMS platform.

Imagery + Icons

Creation of imagery and icons for use across the site, including blog posts and announcements.

Final design

GovCMS homepage
View the prototype

User testing feedback

Very easy to understand, nice layout.
Referring to the How it works page
Looks very clear; good to be able to compare, gives me more of an understanding.
Referring to the pricing page
Tells me straight away what it is.
Referring to the home page

In the media

the judges felt GovCMS, which came out of the Department of Finance, was the project that did the most “contributing to a culture or practice of innovation” in this year’s entrants.
…the govt's quiet achiever…
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