Skills and Abilities

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I thrive on working in or leading a cohesive team where I can utilise my knowledge, experience and capabilities to contribute to the growth and development of your organisation.
  • I'm a high achiever – continually raising the bar.
  • Can work as a co-operative team member or leader in group projects, as well as being able to work independently.
  • Effective time management skills – proven track record of working within strict deadlines.
  • Excellent communication skills – both oral and written.
  • Adaptable to change.
  • Excellent decision making skills.
  • Leadership and training experience.
  • Ability to work under pressure and the aptitude to learn quickly.
  • Proven experience providing excellent customer service.
  • Impeccable attention to detail.
  • Experience with agile methodology, working in scrums/sprints.
  • Practical understanding of SEO.
  • Security conscious development.

Technical Skills


  • HTML , including W3C+WCAG compliant HTML5+
  • CSS , including Sass + Bootstrap and Tailwind
  • PHP , including Twig/Symfony and Zend
  • JavaScript , including jQuery, Vanilla and Vue.js
  • Java , including Spring Framework
  • Others , including Shell, C#, C++ and Perl


  • Creative , including Adobe Ps, Ai, Id, Xd plus Sketch and InVision
  • Version Control , including Git (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket) and SVN
  • Build / CI / Test , including CasperJS, custom API, Cypress, Gulp, Jenkins and Webpack
  • Analytics , including Google Analytics (inc. 360), Hotjar, Piwik and AWStats
  • Web , including Apache, AWS, Cloudflare, Nginx and Varnish
  • Database , including Cloudflare Workers KV, Firebase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Virtualisation , including Docker, KVM, Oracle and VMware (ESXi server + Fusion and Workstation desktop)
  • LDAP OpenLDAP and MS Active Directory
  • Project , including Jira(+Agile), Slack, Trello and Microsoft Project

Content Management Systems

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Confluence
  • Squiz Matrix
  • MediaWiki
  • Custom and SSGs

Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple macOS
  • Debian and Ubuntu
  • CentOS and RHEL
  • FreeBSD
  • openSUSE and SLES


  • Utilising serverless functions to replace existing third party services, lowering recurring expenses, while also providing near instant load times by routing and caching at the "edge" of the Cloudflare network.
  • Creating (from scratch) star rating functionality, that was both accessible, standards compliant and not reliant on any JavaScript.
  • Successfully running and completing numerous freelance projects independently, start to finish – from requirements gathering, through to post launch work.
  • Developed custom PHP, easy to use web interface for managing employee and guest network access, integrating with numerous Unix network management tools.
  • Designed govspace logo and branding + created site IA, imagery and WordPress theme.
  • Designed branding, UI, IA and UX for govdex beta + working as part of a small team to then implement.
  • Coordinated and strategised successful defence of high profile Government websites during multiple, large scale, coordinated DDoS attacks.
  • Represented Federal and state governments at career and ICT expos, inc. Canberra CareersXpo and CEBIT Australia.

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