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The site

News, competions, reviews and rewards for sharing your opinions on of fashion and entertainment products and services.
YOMM is all about connecting, supporting and harnessing the influence of millions of young Australians.


The design objective

To create a clean and minimal website, which
allows it's imagery to take prominence.
With a focus on being fast loading to allow for maximum engagement from users across a range of devices, primarily mobile.

YOMM homepage screenshot

What was involved


To remain 'clean' while meeting the branding goals. A key focus was to do so, while appealing to an audience of varied tastes (13 to 21 year olds), while still ensuring good UX across the site.


To ensure page weight and load times remained as low as possible a custom theme was developed from scratch, ensuring no unneeded code was included. Although using WordPress as our foundation, much of the site which uses highly customised, performant code and arcitechure behind the scenes.


Speed was a key area for this website. Using an array of server side tactics to improve page generation times, combined with additional layers of caching - at a server level and through geographically dispersed CDN - I was able to ensure YOMM would be both reliable and fast, across public and user specific pages.

Imagery + Icons

To help lower page weight, as well as provide crisp imagery across all screen types; SVG logos and icons were created for use across the site, wherever possible.
To ensure content remained the focus, photographs needed to be crisp - automatically selecting not just the clearest, but the appropriately sized image; optimising page loads.


As the technical lead for this project I worked on, but also delegated, managed and reviewed development tasks from a distributed team of developers across numerous timezones.
Managing the build as a whole, while still making informed, detailed, technical decisions throughout.

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It’s fresh, exciting and the site is FAST!
Director, WOM Network
It looks AMAZING!!!

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