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The objectives

To completely redesign and develop the existing website to improve usability and accessibility for use by range of devices.
Manage online brand advertising across a range of platforms. As well as editing TV commercials and marketing image creation.

Mordek website sketches

What was involved


After going through the requirements for the site, I set to work designing researching and put together a wireframe level design. Once the key elements were confirmed and the visual styles agreed upon, I began development. Additional design tasks such as creating email signature blocks were also requested.


The decision was made to develop a custom theme to meet all requirements. This theme had to be mobile friendly; meaning it had to be responsive, small page sizes, fast loading and support HiDPI (Retina) screens.
Additionally, the site had to incorporate multiple methods of online payment in the most streamlined way possible.


Speed was a key area of improvement for this website. Using a number of server side improvements to generate pages much faster layered with additional caching by a geographically dispersed CDN and DDoS protection to assist further in both speed, security and uptime. Resulting in speeds of ~5 times faster than the previous website. Making pageloads 3-5 times faster than all their competitors'.

Photo/Video Editing

Whilst populating the site's content, many images had to be edited and modified in Photoshop, some extensively.
Ad hoc editing was required for multiple TV commercials, as well as organising hosting.

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